Stop curating your life and and start living it.

I don’t have bedspreads aligned precisely and tucked neatly. They are warm and inviting.

I don’t have Pinterest-worthy photographs of my meals. They are eaten by mouths dripping with laughter.

I don’t have designer dresses and fashion tops. I am clothed in sunshine and happiness.

I don’t have a spotless house. My loved ones feel at home.



I want the wooden floors of my home to have a well worn path to the outdoors.

I want the shelves to have a light layer of dust to prove I have better things to do than clean.

I want the chicken to burn a little when we laugh a lot and stop watching the pan.

I want my clothes to have a hole or tear here or there because I’m swimming in the sea not the department store.

I want beauty to shine in my pictures and smiles to light the way.

I want Truth to seep from the wrinkles in my sun-beaten face.


Life isn’t meant to be perfectly curated.

Rather, to be filled with love and joy.